Sunday, May 15, 2016

Date Look

Grey Crop Top // H&M
High-waisted Shorts
Sling bag // H&M

As per the title, this was one of the outfits I wore on a date with my boyfriend. :p We were visiting KLCC for the water fountain show and it's a pretty classy place, to say the least, which explains my sling bag and the heels, although I kept the rest of my outfit pretty casual.

I love the length of this grey crop top, it ends right at the belly button, which is just nice if you want to bare just a hint of mid-drift, or just wear a camisole under if you preferred not to (which I did!). And those heels, gosh, it's such a steal at its price for how it magically make my legs look longer than they are. It's such a dainty, minimalist piece that goes will every outfit as well!

This is a usual colour scheme I go to when I'm not wearing black - grey and dark blue goes well together and so do crop tops with high-waisted pants! A double match made in heaven, eh?

What do you wear for casual dates? :)

PS // Am so in love with the last picture, special credits to Jen for capturing it so well. ;)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Comfy Basics

Choker // Lovisa 
Bullet long necklace // Flea Market 
Denim Button-Down // Uniqlo 
Grey Leggings // Uniqlo 
Sneakers // Converse

Hello from down under! (Melbourne if you're wondering). This week's outfit from me is this super basic and comfy ensemble right here. Leggings, spaghetti tank, and a denim button down to give some formality to the other wise pajamas-looking outfit. It's definitely a super comfy yet put together outfit. I like to paired it up like this when I know I'll be studying in the uni/library whole day long, and just wanna be comfortable as I can. And not forgetting about flexibility too! 

I paired it up with some choker and long necklace to make it a little more interesting, instead of just an all basic outfit. And finished up with a pair of sneakers, and the look is done! Let me know in the comment section on what your basics are!Till the next time, have a good week ahead. :) 
// Jenny