Sunday, April 17, 2016

High neck + High waist

White Mock Neck Top
High-waisted Jeans
Black Sling Bag
Gold Necklace
Gold Sandals // Grendha 

Hello beautiful people!

Today I am back with another outfit featuring high-waisted jeans. I know, what's new, right? But this outfit is a little special because there's almost no black colour, which is a huge feat for me if I must say.

The backstory for this outfit is pretty interesting: I was going down to Singapore for my boyfriend's graduation parade as a sergeant in the army, and his uniform was a white top and black pants. Being the overly attached girlfriend that I am, I naturally wanted to match his uniform. Also, because I would meet his parents there, I wanted to look presentable and proper. A lot of clothes were toss around in my room until I eventually settled with this outfit, which I think satisfied both my criteria perfectly!

I absolutely love how the outfit turned out. We all know that high-waisted pants and crop tops and a match made in heaven, but the turtleneck/mock neck design just seems to add the cherry on the cake. I also tried to add some gold elements in the outfit which I think glammed up the outfit nicely without being over the top.

I never knew I could pull off something so non-black so it was definitely fun for me! What do you think? :)
// YT

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Scarf = Kimono

Scarf // Cotton On 
Black Tank Dress // Cotton On 
Sandals // Cotton On 

Hello beautiful people! It's Jenny here again. Melbourne has been a great fun so far. Places are beautiful, people are friendly, and there are so many things to do here! Anyway, this week, I'm bringing you this outfit, featuring a scarf (Yes! It's a scarf!) and a basic black tank dress. This outfit was that kind that doesn't seem that amazing in your head, but once you put it on, it's like "Yes! I'm gonna wear that out every week!". 

So you might be wondering how is that a scarf when it looks and is worn like a maxi kimono. So basically you need to tie one end of the scarf to the middle part of the scarf, and repeat this on the other side, and you're done! Totally got this idea from Michelle Phan's tutorial on how to wear a scarf. And I really liked how it turned out! The outfit is just so flowy and put together, even though I'm just wearing a scarf as a maxi kimono. It is such a simple outfit, paired with some gladiator sandals, and it's the perfect outfit for summer! 

I hope you like the outfit and leave any comments on how you would style your scarfs! 
// Jenny