Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Formal Occasion

Turtleneck Top // Cotton On
Tube Dress (worn as skirt) // Miss Selfridge
Black Clutch // H&M
Heels // Cotton On

Hey guys! Today's outfit is probably a little different than usual as you have noticed. I realized I have never really posted a formal outfit here (except on our very first post, if that counts), so I've decided to go a little dressier than usual!

Sometimes, there will be an occasion that requires me to dress a little more formally, so here's my take on it with a turtleneck top and high-waisted skirt! I feel like this combo is versatile enough to carry you through most of the formal occasions, such as weddings, presentations in uni, a wine-and-dine date, and so on.

I really like the balance between the turtleneck top and the skirt, which I think shows just the right amount of skin. You don't want to look indecent, especially for a presentation! On a side note, I grabbed these heels on discount in Cotton On, they were just RM30, which is a super good deal!

What do you wear for more formal occasions? Let me know! :)


  1. Gorgeous dressy outfit!
    Love the turtleneck top, it balances so well with the tube dress/skirt <3


    1. Thanks for the compliment Olivia!
      Am a personal fan of your all-black outfits. :D


  2. Nice outfit :)


  3. You look so good in this outfit !
    FOr formal occasions, well I would dress kinda like you... A pencil skirt, a shirt, a blazer and some hight heels (without plateform)... It depend of the event though ! Mostly for work appointment or stuff like these !