Saturday, February 20, 2016

Velvet Love

Top // Cotton On 
Velvet Skirt // Forever 21 
Shoes // Taiwan Street Night Market
Stone Choker // Lovisa 

Hi everyone! I'm writing from Melbourne, because I'm on an exchange programme here for a few months. But don't worry, we will still have posts coming up for you guys, so yeap I'm still around here! Anyway, I'm so into this outfit right here! It's super simple, yet put together at the same time, I would totally pair this with a parka or leather jacket for the colder weather here. 

I love everything velvet, and I have a particular love towards unique cloth materials, like sequins, velvet, suede, and leather. They're just so special! Though I understand they are pretty bold pieces and can be rather difficult to style, but the trick is to pair something of another texture with these heavy pieces, especially with light materials like cotton, chiffon, silk, the list goes on. That's exactly what I did! Paired this electric blue velvet skirt with a striped cotton t-shirt, and it came out perfect. The striped top also went well with the solid blue at the bottom. 

Hope you guys liked this post, and it gave you some inspiration on how to pair your bold pieces! 
// Jenny

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Double Blues

Bohemian Kimono // Bash Clothing
Black Camisole
High-waisted Shorts
Sling Bag
Black Sandals // Vincci

Hi guys! I promised you guys more outing-ish outfits from my previous post so here's one!

I wore this outfit out on a shopping trip with my parents. The highlight of the outfit here is obviously the printed kimono. When I first saw it, I was immediately attracted to the print - it's just so gorgeous and such a pretty statement piece. Although it's not in my usual monochromatic colours, I just have to get it. Here, I paired it with my high-waisted shorts and sandals which result in a very simple, casual looking outfit, yet still well put together! This is also one of the few times I paired the same colour together which is not black - and I have to say I really like this blue + blue combo!

The bag that I'm carrying here is a recent favourite which I got from Singapore when I traveled there last December. It is just so spacious and the over-the-shoulder sling design makes it really easy for me to retrieve whatever I want from the bag without having to take it off. I bring it almost everywhere I go now.

What do you guys think about this outfit? For me, it does feel good to come out of my black & white shell once in a while. :p