Sunday, January 10, 2016

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(We know this is a tad bit too late, but hey, better late than never right?)

As blog owners, it is almost customary for us to come up with a New Year's Resolution post, but since hue // monochrome is a fashion blog, we figured why not we add a twist to it and make it a resolution post, but fashion wise - new milestones in fashion we would like to achieve, personally!


// Jenny

1. Bring back the old. I have tonnes of clothes in the wardrobe that I share with my sister, and to be honest, my clothes take up 80% of the space. I think I'm pretty lucky that my sister isn't into clothes, maybe just not yet. Although I have 'much' clothes (notice I use much instead of many, my clothes are countless ;)), I don't wear every piece of them. And as new clothes are added in to my wardrobe, the old ones get neglected. So yup, one of my resolution is to dig out the old ones out and start wearing them. Or maybe donate them instead of having them clogging up the wardrobe!

2. Wear more dresses. Since young, I always have this perception that dresses are meant for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, special dinners, you get my flow. To me, they are pretty dressy pieces. I do like dresses, but I just don't wear them enough. And my dear lovely dresses are always neglected, always hanging on the rack. So I definitely would like to start wearing them more! For example, wearing out to the mall, for classes and dates too!

3. Be more consistent. I always imagined if someone were to ask me to describe my style, I would totally go blank. That's because I really don't know my style, and I'm pretty versatile with my choice of clothes. I could go grungy and dark with one outfit, and sporty with the next. I have a thing with following themes so much until there is no definite one style that I could call mine. So for this year, I would like to be more consistent with my style, so I could develop my own unique style.


// YT

1. Wear more colours . You guys probably know this by now...but I'm absolutely a b&w fan. And while I am completely happy with my wardrobe right now, it doesn't hurt if I just venture out and wear more colours, right? Of course I still can't imagine bright colours like orange and green on me, but I'm definitely going for the ones I like such as pastel blue, grey (it's a colour shhh), maroon and so on!

2. Be more adventurous. Whenever I find something that I like or flatters my figure, I tend to wear it over and over again (case in point: high-waisted pants). The same can be said to my b&w outfits, I just can't get enough of them. Therefore, my style can be a little stagnant or repetitive. Although I don't intend to stray away from my beloved monochrome pieces, it might be a good idea to experiment with other clothing. I'm definitely up to trying some culottes or different prints this year!

3. Spend wisely. Let's face it, clothing are expensive when you're living on a student's budget. In the past, I was always prone to impulsive buying just because something look nice. And most of the time, I don't wear them enough to justify the price I paid, especially since I'm mostly in uni and the piece I bought is definitely not suitable for school. Therefore, I'm going to spend more wisely, invest in better quality pieces and clothing that I can wear more often. 


So that's it from us! If there's anything that we can improve to make this blog better, do let us know! Feel free to tell us what are your fashion new year's resolution as well! :)

Have a great year ahead!
//Jenny & YT


  1. Yes great post! Happy 2016 :)


    1. Thank you Rakel! Happy 2016 to you too! :) //Jenny & YT