Sunday, December 27, 2015

Knitted Floral

Inner spaghetti top // Uniqlo
Knitted floral cropped hoodie // H&M 
Denim skirt // Milktee
Black tote // Gifted 
Pink sneakers // Nike 

Hi everyone! It's my turn to post this weekend, and I'm bringing you this sporty yet feminine outfit. The knitted floral top is really unique, when I saw it, I knew it was just my style (even YT thought so too!). So well, of course I had to get it. It has a hoodie at the back, and it makes it even more special. 

I really like this outfit as it's a pretty feminine yet sporty one, the balance is just right. With the floral print on a sporty shaped crop hoodie, I paired it with a super feminine denim skirt with frayed ends and brought back the sportiness with my pink sneakers. The asymetrical hem balanced out with the long sleeves on the top. 

Sometimes, it's good to think of balance when dressing up. Like if it it's too heavy on the top, then it would be better to wear something a little streamlined and lightweight at the bottom. But of course, this is just a guide, if you feel like wearing everything heavy, then you go girl! Do you thing! This is where different styles are born with the same piece of clothing. 

That's all from me! Have a good week ahead guys! 
// Jenny 


  1. Love how this post looks like :D such a good work on it <3


    1. Thank you for the compliment Izael. Really like your style and how your pictures are as well! :) //Jenny

  2. Amazing look :)

    1. Hello there! Thanks for the compliment, we appreciate it! :) //Jenny