Monday, November 30, 2015

hue // monochrome styles: T-shirt dress

Hello beautiful people, hope everyone's doing well! We have just finished our classes and exams for the year and are definitely enjoying the extra free time we get. 

In this post, we have a new piece up for the hue // monochrome styles series, this time round featuring the t-shirt dress. It has been such a trend in the western countries for the past year, and finally it's hitting the stores over here. As they all come with different patterns and colors, with curved or hi-low hemlines, it is pretty easy to find one that suits to your liking. 

And of course, we jumped on the trend and got ourselves one. It is such an easy and comfortable dress to wear, especially on those lazy days when you still want to look chic. So here's our take on styling the t-shirt dress! 



T-shirt Dress // H&M
Plaid Shirt
Shoes // Topshop
Gem Necklace // Factorie

For me, I think the trickiest part about a -tshirt dress is to find one that is of suitable fit and length. I've always wanted a t-shirt dress seeing how comfortable and casual they look, but I had a lot of trouble finding one that suits me. Most of them are just too long or too big, which is why I was so happy when I got this H&M one because they're just right.

While the slouchiness and casualness of the t-shirt dress is it's appeal, it can also make the outfit looks too plain and normal. Therefore, to dress up the outfit, I added on my plaid shirt and tied it around the waist so it'll add more shape to the look. It's also nice that the shirt looks like a skirt tied that way. Since I'm going with the casual edgy vibe, I added on the gladiator-ish shoes with the gem necklace, which completed the look.


// Jenny

Dress // H&M 
Khaki Jacket // Padini 
Shoes // Taiwan Street Market 
Necklace // Taiwan Street Market 

As much as I love how loose and comfy the t-shirt dress is, it does bother me a little on how shapeless it can be. So to give the look a bit more shape and structure, I put on this khaki jacket with faux fur collar that gives off a slight military vibe. Also, like always, I cuffed up the sleeves so the long sleeves do not drown me in. 

I kept the look in this neutral color palette with greys, browns and khakis, and only added a hint of color with the dream catcher necklace. The necklace gives a pretty nice contrast with the t-shirt dress and is quite a center of attention itself. Overall, I really like how the outfit turned out! 


So that's our take with styling the t-shirt dress! We hope it gave you some inspirations and ideas on how to style yours. And if you don't have one yet, do get yourself one because it is such a laid back and versatile piece! 

That's all from us for this time's hue // monochrome styles, have a great week ahead everyone! 

// Jenny & YT 


  1. Great looks !


    1. Hey Joy! Thank you for dropping by and for the compliment as well! //Jenny & YT