Saturday, September 5, 2015

hue // monochrome styles: Turtleneck

Hello beautiful people, today we're bringing in a new post for the hue //  monochrome styles series! (You can read the first post of the series here!) 

In this post, we'll be featuring a piece which has been trending for awhile now, which is the turtleneck top! This piece has been making a comeback recently with a few popular stores such as Cotton On and Factorie carrying tops in this style. 

With its distinguishable collar pattern adding an extra touch to the outfit, turtlenecks are one of the most versatile clothing out there where you can dress up and down to your liking or personal style. Therefore, we decided to show you guys how we style our own turtleneck tops as well!



Turtleneck Crop Top
Yin Yang Skirt //  Cotton On
Platform Heels // Vicnity.com
Sling Bag
Gold Necklace, Gold Earring + Ear Cuff // both H&M
Gold Midi Rings // Forever 21

Jumping onto the turtleneck craze, I got myself this white turtleneck crop top. This outfit is actually what I wore on a shopping trip with (none other than) Jenny!

Seeing as how the top is very plain and basic, I wanted to dress it up by playing around with prints, and therefore I chose to match it with this super eye-catching Yin Yang skirt. The result turned out to be a very good balance between the colours black and white, much like the Yin Yang. ;)

To make the outfit even more dressy, I put on a few gold accessories which are quite the statement and elaborated, such as the chunky necklace and the earring+ear cuff set. The fact that the gold tone matches the little details of my sling bag and shoes is also a bonus point!

The sling bag I'm carrying in this outfit is also slowly becoming my favourite. The size is just nice for me to put in my necessities which is my wallet and phone, and it's just so easy to carry around!



Turtleneck Long Sleeves Top // Uniqlo 
Floral Shorts // Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid 
Brown Pleather Shoes //  Rui Feng Night Market, Taiwan 
Black Bagpack // Mom's wardrobe! 
Statement Necklace // Parsealed.com

If you have noticed, I'm a big fan of maroon color. Almost all of the recent posts contain a clothing item in the color maroon. Yes I do like the color that much! So when I saw this turtleneck in maroon, I knew I had to get it. However, I do admit I was a little nervous on wearing a turtleneck, well because it might not look good on me and seemed like I lost my neck in all those fabric. But luckily, this particular piece has a low turtleneck, and the material is pretty soft. And that's what I think is the key to choosing a right turtleneck for yourself, get one that has a low turtleneck and thin material! 

Instead of wearing another solid color bottom, I paired a monochrome floral shorts to add a bit of flavour to the outfit! And I added a matching statement necklace to fill up the empty chest area. Overall, I really like how the outfit turned out! 


And that was how we styled our turtleneck tops! It is fascinating how a simple additional collar design on a top can change a look so much, which explains why we are on the turtleneck bandwagon as well!

Do let us know how you would style your turtlenecks, and what the next hue // monochrome styles series should feature! :)

Have a nice day!

//Jenny & YT

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