Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mom's Shirt

Maroon Halter Neck Top //  From Singapore Street market
White Chiffon Button-down // Mom's Closet! 
Jeans  // Uniqlo   
Black Clutch // H&M 
Crystal Long Necklace // By Invite Only 

This outfit was definitely a quick-throw-on sort of thing, perfect for a lunch date with the girls, or even going for classes. I tend to avoid clothing that exposes my back, cause girl got some acne problem (at least it's not on the face!). And on times I want to wear spaghetti tops or something sexier, I'll throw an outerwear on like a cardigan or jacket. And that's what I did with this outfit! Wearing a maroon halter neck top, and then adding on this thin white button down which my mom used to wear. I love a good hand-me-down piece, especially when it's a timeless piece like this one!

Do you have any favourite hand-me-down pieces? How do you style it? 

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