Wednesday, July 8, 2015

hue // monochrome styles: Denim shirt

Hello beautiful people!

First of all, we would like to apologize for the inactiveness and the lack of updates for the past month. The both of us has been swamped by studies and finals we didn't have time to keep this space updated. Nonetheless, we're back now, and as a compensation for inactivity we're bringing something more special than our usual posts!

*drum rolls*

Here, we will be introducing a new series called hue // monochrome styles !

True to its name, it's a series of posts where we will be featuring a similar piece of clothing which is of the same type. We hope that this post and series are able to inspire you to further utilize your own piece of clothing as this series will probably focus more on items that are commonly owned or are currently in trend.

For the debut of this series, we have chosen to style a denim shirt individually, as it is one of the most versatile piece of clothing out there. The next portion will feature Jenny and her take on how to style a denim shirt!



Spaghetti top // GAP 
Denim Shirt // From Clothes boutique (no brand)
Velvet Skirt // From Clothes boutique (no brand)
Brown Pleather Shoes //  Rui Feng Night Market, Taiwan
Eagle Necklace // Cotton on 

For my outfit, I decided to pair my slight ombré denim shirt with this velvet maroon skater skirt. The golden crosses add a little grunge and flavor to the outfit than it would be if I just wore a plain coloured skater skirt. Cuffing up the sleeves and tying a knot at the waist are few of my favourite tricks to give the outfit a little more structure. As the denim shirt is not body fitting throughout the waist, tying a knot was a better option than tucking in to give a strucutred look.I always like to cuff up the sleeves of my long shirt, as it is neater and  looks better on me! Besides that, I wore a light grey spaghetti top inside to give a more layered look, instead of just plainly top and bottom. 

For accessories, I only wore this simple statement piece of an eagle, because there are many little accents from the outfit such as the studs on the collar and the golden crosses on the skirt. With the pleather shoes I wore, the whole outfit resemblance something from the country side yet still having a grunge feel to it. 


Denim Shirt // M Kidd
Black Dress // Terranova
Platform Heels // Vicnity.com
Handbag // H&M
Gold Necklace // H&M
Watch // Alexandre Christie

My denim shirt is actually a huge, oversize, boyfriend shirt (literally-I stole it from my boyfriend). I usually use it as a throwover in which I layer it over a black camisole and pair it with black leggings for a comfortable look for classes. When I'm in the mood to get a little preppy, I button it all the way up to the collar and pair it with a statement necklace.

Here is an outfit I wore on a date. I love the fitting and length of this dress, but it also has mesh inserts at places I don't want it to be, so it serves as the perfect layer dress because the outerwear will be able to cover them up. Therefore, I layered a denim shirt over it and tied it up, achieving this very dressy look. I especially like the contrast between the bodycon fit of the dress and the loose, relax look of the button-down. The result is a well-put-together, classy look which is also laid-back at the same time. The addition of the denim shirt also toned down the dressiness of the outfit because it might be too over the top if I just wear the dress alone.

I kept the accessories minimal with just a statement necklace and the other necessities (watch etc). Overall, I'm just super pleased with the look in general!  


These are one of the many ways you can style a denim shirt, which is super versatile! Besides layering it over other tops, you can also pair it with leggings, shorts, or even go for a denim on denim combo....the possibility is endless! 

We hope you liked this post and this new hue // monochrome styles series! We will be updating more so do stay tuned! :)
//Jenny & YT


  1. You look adorable in this post <33 nice post :D
    Rocking those shoes girl!