Friday, May 29, 2015

Of stripes and boots

Stripe Crop Top
Spaghetti Strap Top (worn underneath)
Boots // Vicnity.com
Bag // Primark
Necklaces // Lovisa
Rings // Forever 21

This was an outfit I came up with when there was a music/rave festival in my university. Knowing I would be in uni for the whole day and that the festival is going to be really, really hot (Malaysian weather and crowds don't go well together), I opted for something edgy yet still comfortable.

I chose to wear a crop top because it would be more breezy, and the boots because it's flat and more suitable to jump around (which I did during the festival!). The leggings were also suitable as it's won't make you feel hot inside or restrictive of your movements - unlike pants.

To complete this very very monochrome look, I added subtle hints of gold seen on my mini elephant choker, tribal tooth necklace, and the rings. 

What would be your music festival look? :)


  1. Nice look!! Perfect for a music festival! Soon I will post mine since I will be going to Osheaga in Montreal ;) My blog was recently hacked, that's why it just has one post since I started it all over, but you can take a look if you wish!


    1. Thank you for the compliments (and sorry for the late reply) Brenda! So sorry to hear about that but I loved your response to your hacker! Keep it up!! :)