Friday, May 29, 2015

Of stripes and boots

Stripe Crop Top
Spaghetti Strap Top (worn underneath)
Boots // Vicnity.com
Bag // Primark
Necklaces // Lovisa
Rings // Forever 21

This was an outfit I came up with when there was a music/rave festival in my university. Knowing I would be in uni for the whole day and that the festival is going to be really, really hot (Malaysian weather and crowds don't go well together), I opted for something edgy yet still comfortable.

I chose to wear a crop top because it would be more breezy, and the boots because it's flat and more suitable to jump around (which I did during the festival!). The leggings were also suitable as it's won't make you feel hot inside or restrictive of your movements - unlike pants.

To complete this very very monochrome look, I added subtle hints of gold seen on my mini elephant choker, tribal tooth necklace, and the rings. 

What would be your music festival look? :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Pop Of Colour: Magenta

Black Shift Dress // Brands Outlet 
Magenta Sweater // Tastee Clothing (Radioactive)Magenta Sneakers // Nike  Fake Tooth Necklace // Jonker Street, Malacca Leopard Cat-eye Shades // Cotton On

Recently, I've gotten really into shirt dresses and shift dresses. They are such easy pieces to wear and style, and most importantly they are just so comfortable! Unlike skinny jeans and bodycon skirts (don't worry, they are still my favourites), it gives you the freedom of "letting everything go" but still look put-together and chic. You can style it with a denim jacket, slouchy cardigan with a belt, or even tie a checkered shirt near your waist. Or just wear it as it is! However it might look a little too comfortable at times (my siblings said it looked like pyjamas, damn), so do dress it up on the footwear and accessories.

This black, sporty shift dress is my first! Really like the structured yet comfortable fit. It has good quality as well, with relatively thick and textured material. I figured by cinching a sweater around the waist and also wearing sneakers, it would emphasize the sporty feel even more. And I kept the color palette to two colors - black and magenta - which gives some really nice contrast that I like. And I've decided to add a funky cat-eyed, leopard printed shades for the glam factor. 
Stay tuned for a new outfit update from YT! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lazy Pants

Shades // Cyber
Top // Cotton On
Lazy Pants //  @dazzlinglovers (instagram)
Flats //Cotton On
Sling Bag // H&M
Watch // Alexandre Christie

It seems to me that lazy pants/harem pants are in trend now! I spotted a large variety of them in Forever21 which were all so pretty yet stylish. I especially like the soft, smooth texture of these pants. For me, they are the perfect go-to pants for college, where you can be comfortable and the outfit still looks well-put-together.

This was a quick outfit I wore when going out for a dinner gathering with my friends. Knowing that we will chill around at the restaurant for quite some time, I wanted to wear something casual, comfy, but not too simple.

Since the pants already have a crazy print (at least for my very non-adventurous taste), I paired it with a black top and black sling bag with minimal jewelry, and let the pants do all the talking. 

What do you think about lazy pants? Do you love them as much as I do? :)