Friday, April 3, 2015

Oversized Plaid

Plaid Shirt // Catwalk
Black Tank Top
Black Shorts // Tally Weijl
Yin Yang Necklace & Tattoo Anklet // @23naket (instagram)
Rings // Forever 21
Shoes // Topshop

In her last post, Jen styled a white button-down, something she called a wardrobe staple. The shirt I'm wearing today is also something along the lines, a piece that everyone have - (or should have) - a plaid shirt.

I had to get my hands on this shirt as soon as I saw them, not just because they were in black and white...but also because they're really oversized, which I feel distinguishes it from the classic body-fitting plaid shirts. I paired it with a typical black tank top and mid-waist shorts. To give an edge to the look, the accessories and shoes played a big part to make the overall look a bit streetstyle-ish.

I love how versatile plaid shirts are, which you can wear as a top, outerwear, or even just tied around your waist to add a pop of colour and pattern. Not to mention that it is a truly classic piece, it never goes out of style! 

Do stay tuned for more updates! :)


  1. I like this outfit!
    Kisses from Italy!
    xxx, Gio

    1. Thank you (and sorry for the late reply!) Giorgia! You've got really cute outfits on your blog as well!
      Hugs from Malaysia! :D