Monday, March 9, 2015

hue // monochrome

Hello beautiful people! :)

This is a new fashion blog managed by Jenny and YT. We are best friends (of 10 years!) with very very different styles. And so we thought, hey, why not join up to open up a blog as it is our interest to just showcase our daily outfits, improve our own dressing style, and maybe to inspire those who are reading this blog too. :)

We decided to name this blog hue//monochrome because these two words represent two ends of a spectrum, just like our styles; one being extremely vivid with colors and the other being really monochramatic, full of black and whites. Though the words hue//monochrome doesn't necessarily define or limit each of our styles (cause hey, sometimes we definitely need both in our lives!), our basic outfits do revolve around it, creating a very contrasting way of dressing between the both of us.

And therefore, for our first post, we decided to dress up true to the title. Let's see if you can spot who is which! :p


Lime Green Sweater // Terranova 
Blue Velvet Bodycon Skirt // Forever 21 
Navy Slip Ons // Taiwan
Earrings and Diamond Studded Necklace // Juju Milky 
Bracelet // Vintage1988


Black and White Stripe Top 
Bodycon Dress (worn as skirt) // Miss Selfridge
Thin Belt // Padini
Black Heels
Watch // Alexandre Christie 

Big thanks to Samuel Goh for helping us with the photoshoot.

Do stay tuned for more posts from us! :)
//Jenny & YT

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