Wednesday, July 6, 2016

PJ Top

Top // Taiwan Street Market 
Bottom // Cotton On 
Black Shoes // Charles and Keith 
Necklace // H&M 

So sorry for the super late post, I have been travelling around in Tasmania and hadn't got the time to update the blog! But here's the next outfit from me, featuring a baby blue checkered top and printed maroon skinny jeans. This top reminds me of a pajamas top (hence the title!) but I thought it was a pretty cool piece and decided to get it. And like always, my trick is to fold up the sleeves so there's more structure to the look!  

I love how the cropped top just ends nicely where the pants starts, just letting out a little tummy skin at times. As there a few prints in play, I decided to stick to solid colors, and let the patterns do the talking. Paired this outfit with a pair of shoes, with yet a similar print, and the whole outfit turned out pretty good. I also kept the accessories to the minimal! 

Well, this top technically isn't a pajamas, but do let me know on how you guys style pajamas looking clothings! Definitely could help with some other tips and tricks. Thank you for reading and have a nice week ahead peeps! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Daisy Top // Cotton On
Sandals // Vincci
Sling Bag
Bracelet // Lokai

Terribly sorry for the late update guys! Life got in the way and Jen had exams going on, but we're back now! :)

This was a really, really simple outfit I wore when I went out with friends. I was never one who is into crazy prints but this daisy print just too adorable I had to jump on the bandwagon. I especially like this one as it has enough of a colour pop yet toned down in a way? 

To match with it, since the top part is already enough of an attention grabber, I went with plain old black leggings. Since the top was flowy, I wanted to accentuate my lower body instead so there is a balance instead of looking too flabby. Added on some dainty necklaces to contrast with the big daisy prints and I was good to go! :)

What do you guys think of the daisy print? Lemme know!